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If you’re trying to succeed but feel like you’re taking one step forwards then two steps back, you might need to review how you’re working. Whether you’re looking for career progression, business coaching or you feel you’re lacking in impact and aren’t being heard in your workplace, you might need a new plan to more forwards.

I work with many clients who want to take the next steps in their business and may have reached a plateau. Perhaps you need to pitch your business more and need some structure to your content. Or your team has grown and now you’re delivering speeches and presentations but need more confidence as a leader.

Also for those who are negatively impacted by their surroundings in the workplace, who may have been the subject of bullying or are struggling to adjust going back into work after a period of time off and need their confidence rebuilding. We’ll work together step-by-step so you can regain your confidence and resilience and ultimately be stronger than before.

Coaching packages

One-to-one coaching – in person or online, I’ll tailor a package to suit. We start with a 60 minute no obligation discovery session to see what the best approach would be for you.

A starting price point for a series of 8 x 60-minute sessions is £1,200+VAT. We’ll agree what blend of face-to-face sessions and Skype calls would have the most impact if you’re on the move. We might work in two-hour blocks or single hours, it depends on whether you’ve got a particular project or challenge to work through or are looking for longer term career coaching.

I work in a pragmatic and practical way to help you, but with empathy and understanding too – after all, this is about you.

See FAQs for more information on coaching.

What to expect from coaching

Confidentiality, honesty and good humour.

We work together to understand your personal or business goals, to set realistic milestones and come up with a practical plan to achieve them. It’s important not to limit yourself with “I’ve always done it this way” but to think big. Often, it’s a case of redefining priorities as it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day ‘doing’. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to really see what matters and what’s stopping you achieve your goals.

With clients I often use the deathbed test.  It’s a great way of staying on track.  So, when you’re on your deathbed, hopefully very old, grey and fulfilled, will you look back at your life and think “yes, I did it.  I gave all I could and had a massive impact.  I helped people to improve their lives and wow, I think they’ll miss me”.

Or is it, “well, I’m pleased I watched all those boxsets. That was a great use of my time”.

What is accountability?

‘Accountability’ is a word often used when setting goals and challenges. But what does it really mean?  The difference between doing what you say you’ll do and beating yourself up for not doing it is vast.  We’ll work together to agree a plan which works for you and have regular check-ins to make sure you’re on track.  Weekly calls or Skype sessions help to keep you focused.

Please do get in touch to discuss coaching options and you can read more here in FAQs.

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