Business strategy workshop

90 minute online workshop for small businesses

Most small businesses have adapted over the last couple of years, but sometimes it’s hard to take the time to think about your future strategy when you’ve just been ‘getting on with business’. And for small business owners, there is the inevitable juggle which means you don’t always take time out to focus on your business rather than being in it. You might have a to-do list as long as your arm but without being clear on your strategy, it’s just a long list. This business strategy workshop for small businesses will give you an opportunity to discuss your current and upcoming plans, work out how to fit everything in and make some real progress – quickly.

It also gives you an opportunity to discuss your plans and concerns whilst being challenged on where the growth opportunities are. You can explore what opportunities might be available to make the most of and how to focus on these. Now is a good time to take stock and celebrate on your successes so far and plan for the future.

We’ll also discuss how to work more productively and how to prioritise better.

Workshop experience

  • Discuss and get clarity on your current strategy with ideas for future growth
  • Learn how to work more strategically and to prioritise
  • Put new methods into practice straight away
  • Access to tools and templates to use during and after


£500+VAT. If you’d like to find out more and discuss when your small business would benefit from a business strategy workshop, do get in touch.