Workshops & coaching plans for small businesses

As a small business, do you need to rethink, refocus and redirect your business? Here you can find out more about small business coaching plans and support. Whether it’s for your team productivity or growth strategy – there’s a plan available to you.

Have you reviewed your strategy recently

If you’re a small business owner, have you got plans in place for continuity, growth and resilience? Supporting your staff with specific productivity training could really help with a hybrid workforce. With the right guidance, adapting to growth and change is a great opportunity for small business teams.

I offer one-off business strategy workshops to help small businesses with their growth strategy. Intensive business coaching packages for 6-12 weeks are also available online to help small businesses.

Small business coaching plans and support for teams

Most businesses are working in a hybrid or fully remote fashion and teams might need more support to stay focused, using their initiative and more importantly to stay well. Can you stay connected to each employee over video all day long whilst still maintaining your own wellbeing? I frequently run online workshops and ongoing support for teams virtually to reduce stress and maintain connection with business leaders and their teams.

Get resilient and make sure your business strategy is agile enough for growth and to overcome any bumps in the road. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss the options available for your small business.

Some of the businesses and small business support programmes I’ve worked with

Team productivity 90 minute workshop overview with photo of Emma
90 minute online strategy workshop description with photo of Emma
6-12 Week intensive programme overview with photo of Emma