Business coaching: intensive programme

Small business coaching for six or 12 weeks – intensive programme and support

For many, their businesses have changed rapidly over the last couple of years and we’re used to adapting to change. Is there such a thing as ‘business as usual’ any more? There is a time and a place to work on your 12-month plan but I also offer small businesses coaching on an intensive programme for six and 12-weeks.

By working on a shorter term plan, you can see tangible changes and progress over the coming weeks rather than months. And it is intensive which will make a difference to your business if you’re ready to commit to this pace.

Weekly online coaching will help you to clarify your plans, work out how to fit everything in whilst juggling priorities and a changing business landscape.

You might have a to-do list as long as your arm but without being clear on your strategy, it’s just a long list. Over the coming weeks we’ll work on your current and future strategy, your concerns and challenges. You can explore what opportunities might be available to make the most of and how to focus on these. Now is a good time to take stock and celebrate on your successes so far and plan for the future. You’ll cover the ‘why’ you want to be more productive, but on a weekly basis more importantly the ‘how’ you can do this effectively with practical working sessions and weekly tools and takeaways for use during the following week.

By having weekly meetings, you’ll be more accountable in a shorter time which means you can be agile and more resilient in your business.

Coaching experience

  • Discuss and get clarity on your current strategy to get through the next few months
  • Learning innovative ways to breakdown your tasks strategically aligned to your goals
  • Ability to quickly decide what’s strategic, what’s just business and how to fight ‘Distraction Demons’
  • How to measure and monitor progress on a weekly basis with accountability
  • How to manage multiple goals and tasks
  • Easy to put new methods into practice straight away
  • Access to a toolkit of materials to use during and after


£1,800+VAT for 6 hours over 6 weeks or £3,600+VAT for 12 hours over 12 weeks. For more information and an introduction chat, do get in touch.