Team productivity workshop: Getting sh*t done


Do you want to keep your teams connected and productive whilst working remotely? Most businesses operate with a hybrid workforce, but how do you keep people engaged remotely as well as in the office? Regardless of location whether you have a global team or a local one, it’s important to keep everyone connected and engaged. This team productivity workshop online covers how to keep your teams connected, engaged and productive. It’s about being balanced whilst getting sh*t done.

It’s all too easy to fill our diaries with Teams meetings, being booked out all day long with no chance of getting the real work done. And that’s regardless of whether you’re working remotely or in an office. We’re all juggling more ways of working together than we used to. With hybrid working being the norm now, we need to understand how to prioritise better. We also need to make the most of the time that we do have together in-person. If you have staff in the office who are stuck on endless video calls and slaving away on Outlook then it’s time to get a better understanding of how everyone works now. Making the most of human connection whilst together in-person is the best way of building a positive team culture.

With a global workforce available at the touch of a button we also have to work differently remotely too. This workshop will help teams to better understand their own personal style of working and also how to work better together.

Team productivity workshop outline

  • Understand how your work supports the business strategy
  • Learn how to work more strategically and how to block out time
  • How to fight the ‘Distraction Demons’
  • Put new methods into practice straight away
  • Access to a toolkit of materials to use during and after


£850+VAT for 90 minute online workshop (up to 12 people) including takeaway tools and templates. For follow up sessions or regular 1-2-1 c0aching calls with individuals and teams, please get in touch for pricing.