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Mindsetup Ltd is a purpose-driven consultancy. Focused on helping businesses improve performance, developing individuals and teams to become more productive and to reach their goals.

Life is short, so let’s crack on.

Client & projects

Mindsetup’s clients are typically:

  • Scaling up a business
  • Restructuring, M&A or preparing for investment
  • Pitching for new work or bidding for major contracts
  • Aiming for more efficiency or productivity
  • Revising strategic direction
  • Changing leadership model or introducing new management
  • Lacking in formal training for their managers and new leaders
  • Moving to a flexible working model
  • Reaching a plateau in their career progression
  • Facing a significant workplace challenge

Programmes are tailored for each client and cover 1-2-1 coaching, training and group workshops.

Who can Mindsetup help?

You may be experiencing growth in your business but have reached a bit of a block. Or perhaps you’re restructuring, facing a shift in direction or you’ve got employees struggling to work efficiently and hit a target or goal which seems out of reach. You could be leading a growing business which doesn’t seem to have all the team rowing the boat in the same direction.

I work with clients across many sectors including professional and financial services, IT, the voluntary sector and smaller owner managed businesses and consultancies. Business consultancy projects may cover a full audit of process, operations and business structure to setting a business strategy with a supporting plan to help set out clear goals, milestones and targets.

From purpose to productivity and performance

Possibly you’re struggling to identify your business purpose and struggling to get this across in your brand and values. Purpose? It’s easy to say “oh, just find your purpose and everything will work out fine”, well easy to say, hard to do. I work with clients to identify and focus on purpose which then leads into increasing productivity and improve performance across an organisation.

Why is productivity the main aim here?

At Mindsetup, coaching, development and years of project management skills are used to help you and your business become productive with a purpose. What’s unique about how I work is how I blend practical business skills with experiences of resilience, growth, empathy and knowing that life is short. I’ve spent many years in large businesses where employees are pushed without adequate support or resources and the old adage of “do more with less” rings true. This leads to a downward spiral with negative effects on wellbeing, career progression, loyalty and a surge in disengagement and attrition. None if this is of long-term benefit to the bottom line and it has an adverse affect on your most expensive resource – your employees.

My approach is simply life is short so let’s crack on. Let’s get stuff done, there’s no time to lose.

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Coaching, consultancy and the human

Whether as part of a one-to-one coaching programme or working with a team in your business, you can be sure of an empathetic and sensitive approach.  After all, we’re all human so it’s important to treat our employees and ourselves kindly before you pile on the pressure and expect peak performance. It’s all about balance and building those foundations first.

I also work with other consultants to enhance brand strategy, operational effectiveness, team development, staff wellbeing programmes, MBTI and personality profiling and feedback.

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