Brighton business productivity and performance coaching

Mindsetup is purpose driven to help develop individuals and teams reach their goals, increase their productivity and improve performance. Life is short, so let’s crack on.

Brighton business productivity and performance coaching

Who can Mindsetup help?

You may be experiencing change in the workplace, a shift in career, heading back to work or struggling to reach a target or goal which seems out of reach. You could be leading a growing business which doesn’t seem to have all the team rowing the boat in the same direction. Or perhaps you want to set up a surf shack, retire and sail off into the sunset. All of these are all goals which need some sharp focus and structure on how to achieve them.

Possibly you’re lacking in a sense of purpose. Purpose?  Yes that.  It’s easy to say “oh, just find your purpose and everything will work out fine”, well easy to say, hard to do. At Mindsetup, I get it. I help you to identify and focus on purpose, to increase productivity and improve performance.

Why is productivity important?

At Mindsetup, coaching, development and project management skills are used to help you, or your business become productive with a purpose. What’s unique about how I work is how I blend practical business skills with experiences of resilience, growth, empathy and knowing that life is short.

My approach is simply life is short so let’s crack on. Let’s get stuff done, there’s no time to lose.

Coaching, consultancy and the human

Whether as part of a one-to-one coaching programme or working with a team in your business, you can be sure of an empathetic and sensitive approach.  After all, we’re all human so it’s important to treat our employees and ourselves kindly before you pile on the pressure and expect peak performance. It’s all about balance and building those foundations first.

I also work with other consultants to enhance team development events, staff wellbeing programmes, small business mentoring, MBTI profiling and feedback.

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