Why is keeping accountable so difficult?

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With a regular workload there are enough distractions in a day as it is, but if you add in unexpected changes - a shift in goals, a change in priorities or even illness or family needs, the easiest thing to do is to put your plan aside and think you'll come back to it later. [...]

How long does a coaching programme last?

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If you're working in an organisation and are looking at long-term career progression, then we may work together regularly over 6-12 months and review what your needs are after that. If you're working to resolve a particular issue or have a specific event you need coaching for, then anything around 2-5 sessions over a short [...]

Can you make a team more productive without leadership support?

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In short the answer is 'no, not very well'. It's entirely possible to create a training programme and run workshops for teams to become more efficient and productive, but the success will be short lived. Without leadership support these programmes don't add enough value. I work with C-suites, leadership and all management levels to make [...]

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