In this blog I wanted to hear from one of my clients all about what working with me and using a business coach is actually like. Karen Campbell runs two businesses, Karen Campbell Marketing and Hotsy Totsy, a London members’ club for women. We have been working together specifically on Hotsy Totsy’s launch and growth plans.

Why did you consider working with a business coach?

Working on your own can be a lonely business at times and when I was creating Hotsy Totsy, I needed someone to bounce ideas off. Someone to hold me accountable and challenge me where needed. I felt the time was right to work with a business coach to keep me on track. I wanted to ensure that I allowed rounded thinking for this new venture.

Did you have any preconceptions about working with a business coach?

Not many, but perhaps I was a little concerned that they maybe wouldn’t like or understand my brand and the vision. Or they’d call me out on stuff I might have got wrong. I felt it was going to be more of a teacher/student dynamic whereas actually it’s more of a partnership.

How has it been working with me so far (you can be honest!)

I have found it really inspiring and vital to keeping me focussed on my objectives and launching my business. I have a tendency to get distracted and concentrate on exciting, shiny things, rather than do the hard business thinking. But, as you have shown me, for Hotsy Totsy to be a success, I need to get all the fundamentals in place. I know that I need to do the base line thinking to cement all the foundations for growth.

It has been really helpful having you to discuss ideas with and talk through things with. Making decisions on my own can be tough, especially the big ones. I like the way you gently challenge, ask probing questions and make me think about all aspects of what I’m trying to do.

What has been your biggest insight so far?

You have made me realise the amount of time I am spending on getting the brand up and running. And, because you are formulaic, you question my time, where it is being used and on what and whether that way of working is in the best interests to meet my overall objectives. You help chop up the roles and responsibilities across both my businesses and make me take stock of the personal investment I am committed to.

You also raise questions about my work/life balance, such as if I was ill, what would happen? This really has made me think and put contingency plans in place.

What are the sessions like?

They are informal and chatty, but I like the fact that you keep to an agenda. You are often writing away and formulating plans and questions as we speak. I like your level-headedness and commercial awareness in line with my plans, which, in turn, makes me focus on that area too. Being commercially successful as a business is imperative and you ensure this is at the heart of all the plans.

Would you recommend using a business coach to others?

Absolutely. I find having that person working in my businesses with me so vital as they can come with a different perspective, alternative thinking and great ideas. This is only a positive and helps growth and success. Thank you Emma, for all your help so far!

If you would like to chat through how you may benefit from business coaching, please do get in touch.