There is often a preconception that business coaches are only for large businesses and small businesses might find this inaccessible. In my experience, this is wrong as I’ve seen incredible things happen when working with independent businesses. Alternatively, you might have tripped over at least 50% of networking attendees being business coaches and are a little sceptical. I don’t blame you! If you’re looking to grow and scale up, are feeling a bit stuck or perhaps looking at alternative directions this would be a good time to ask yourself, “do I need a business coach?”. If you don’t know where to start, some of my thoughts here might help. And there’s no time like the start of a new year to kick off your business planning in earnest.

Planning to think and thinking to plan

Being in your business 24/7, like business owners are, is normal, but it can feel like groundhog day. It also doesn’t allow room to objectively think and breathe which is so important when planning. At this time of year, many of us reflect on the last year and put in place strategies for 2022. These are often in line with commercial and marketing goals. However, people are so busy working in their business that they don’t give these important decisions the time and space they need.

Challenging the status quo

So often, I see the same issues crop up year on year in businesses. This is generally because they haven’t changed the status quo or have the ‘we’ve always done it like that’ approach. Having a business coach opens your thinking and brings alternate options into play to discuss, thrash out and focus on. Dedicating a session every week / fortnight / month to spend on your business can feel really good. And once it is instilled in your calendar, can offer such an opportunity to explore growth and change, where needed.

Freeing up all the ideas hidden down the back of the sofa

As a business coach, I get no greater pleasure than helping fabulous entrepreneurs realise the incredible ideas they already have. My role is to ask the right questions to unearth them and dig in and help them happen. To see their joy, enthusiasm and drive re-invigorated through having permission to work on their business can pay dividends. And I have been lucky enough to see clients I have worked with grow considerably. That’s not just in financial gains, but in terms of a more enriched work/life balance, smarter working strategies and supporting key team members.

We all know that running a business is tough. You are flitting from one thing to the next, often not allowing ideas the time they need to percolate. Life just doesn’t allow it, but ask yourself – could I spare time each month to work on my business? I bet you could and that’s normally the time people ask themselves “do I need a business coach?”.

How do I start the process of working with a business coach?

Working with me is an easy process but I will challenge you! I ask questions, challenge thinking and decisions, delve into your overall objectives and what you really want to achieve. Then we formulate a plan and strategy with you in order for you to be as successful as you want to be. And success means very different things to different people. I mean, at the moment a four-day week is calling me like a siren on the rocks!

Finding out more

If this is something you feel you’d like to explore more about, do get in touch for a no-obligation chat. You can ask me more about the process, the commitment from you and how working together may be beneficial. I will have some interesting options for small business owners available in January 2022 so watch this space.