We are well underway into the shift to moving back into the office, staying remote permanently or for most, a mixture somewhere in between. For leaders and managers, there is an onus to keep their teams motivated and engaged during this shift. There are many moving parts in teams at the moment – there is still very much an aftermath of the pandemic. Many people haven’t taken a real break or are still fatigued from the pressures of that time. Alongside this, as we adjust to hybrid working, it has its own logistical challenges to work through. You need to know how to steer an engaging and motivating ship as a leader.

Motivation can be contagious

As I talk about a lot, everyone in a team is an individual so needs bespoke support and understanding from their peers. As a leader this is a big job but inspiring, engaging and motivating your team is a large part in ensuring your employees’ happiness and wellbeing.

I work with a lot of teams all at very different stages of abilities, satisfaction, and camaraderie. A lot of the time their overall mood and ethos is dictated by their leader’s level of motivation. Here are five popular insights from my work into how leaders can engage and motivate a team.

1.  Care for your team

One of the biggies I insist on when working with managers is consistent meetings with their teams. You choose the frequency and format, but I would suggest at least a weekly one-to-one with your direct reports and a regular all-team meeting. These meetings shouldn’t get moved unless they really have to. This allows a team member some valuable, regular time with their manager to discuss not only work, but how they are in a confidential environment. As well as this, meeting as a team allows a leader to assess the dynamics and mood as a whole.

 2.  Be on top of their personal development

A good leader really knows their individual team members; what their strengths and weaknesses are and their development needs. By working with your employees to grow and improve is a win-win. It shows that you’re in tune with them and have their interests at heart as well as the business needs.

3.  Celebrate successes

The past year has been pretty tough on everyone so now more than ever make sure you celebrate the wins. This can show your team how much you respect them and are proud of them, which goes a long way.

4.  Give everyone a voice

This is important as for team members to feel in a safe environment is huge. To give them the freedom to speak, be creative and participate gives them confidence and autonomy. It also means they’re more invested in the business, the work you are doing and the team’s output.

5.  Always keep adding to the toolbox

As a leader, the onus is on you to ensure your team have the best tools to do their job and this should evolve. Make sure that you fully understand how they work and what they use, then you can fill the gaps and stay relevant.

If you want to keep moving your business forward then ongoing training and development is key. To steer an engaging and motivating ship as a leader, it requires investment, development, commitment and enthusiasm.

Photo by Vika Chartier on Unsplash