Have you heard the phrase, ‘you’re only as good as your team’? Really great leaders live and breathe this. This is when you get the wonderful power of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Together, everyone achieves more.

Now, let me say it as it is. There are the leaders out there who like their team to make them look good. And then there are the leaders out there who like to make the whole team look good. Unfortunately, the former common and sees people lead in an aggressive, power-hungry way. They aim to intimidate those around them to feed their ego, hide their flaws and to cement (in their heads) their leadership and authority.

Luckily, these sorts of leaders are getting called out more and more. The ‘put up and shut up’ mentality of the past is deemed archaic, and rightly so. Employees are demanding more equality, inspiration and growth opportunities from their peers. And if they don’t get that, they look elsewhere which has a direct impact on the business and its output. Without good people, it is very hard to maintain a successful business.

Now let’s focus on the type of leaders we all love

Those that know the importance of team, are the ones that are comfortable enough in their own skin. They’re not frightened to hire people with different and complementary skillsets to them for the greater good of the business. A good leader wants you to grow, overtake and go on to great things and will do all they can to support you to do that. And you know what, they will enjoy great success themselves getting you there. These are the people who know that as a leader, you’re only as good as your team. So, let’s breakdown how good leaders create this energy and environment.

They give away power

A good leader trusts their team. They build teams that can deliver what’s needed to meet the company’s objectives and goals without having to micromanage. Giving team members power and trust is hugely impactful and often results in better creativity, innovation and results.

They lead by example

You can learn your best work ethic from great leaders. A great leader treats everyone with courtesy and respect yet has the work ethic to get stuff done. At times they’ll make difficult decisions and may be demanding, but with respect going both ways, it’s easier to dig in and help. This is because when you know a leader is making a difficult decision for the good of the business, and they communicate this clearly, there’s good reason in supporting them. In fact, often employees will actively want to help.

They support and encourage

A good leader sees the team as one and acts accordingly. If something goes wrong, they don’t shift blame and call people out. They deal with the intricacies privately and support their employees and team members thoroughly and with respect. This includes communicating well, honouring agreed meetings or chats and ensuring everyone has a platform to speak and be heard.

They want you to succeed

A good leader will champion you, support growth opportunities for you and coach and support you to be the best you can be.

Being a great leader isn’t innate and it’s a privilege. You have to learn and keep a check on yourself throughout as you’ll face many challenges along the way. I work with leaders by coaching them through this process – especially those new to leadership or who’ve inherited a new team. Could I help you? Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss leadership coaching and the benefits to your organisation.