We are in uncharted territory in our working days and understandably, a lot of us are staring at our computers in our make-shift office. It’s common to be unmotivated, confused and bewildered. How can we use our time more effectively?

Beware of the social media whirlwind

There is a lot out there on social media about how in this crisis, the one thing we have is time and how we need to be using this time wisely and effectively. This is all well and good but when you’re feeling anxious, fearful and unsure, these don’t make the best bedfellows for productivity. What can happen is that this external pressure to be using this time wisely can lead to extra stress and anxiety.

Add homeschooling, managing a team remotely and trying to prioritise your time and energy effectively into the mix, it makes for a stressful time.

How to cope with competing demands

This is why I decided to offer four live online workshops and courses to aid this. Through my experience and knowledge, at times of uncertainty what people react well to is a strategy. You need a plan and someone to guide them through it. Sounds simple right?

There are many of us out there navigating unchartered territory. That be trying to manage a team virtually, transferring your business online or managing working from home. And it’s highly likely that you’ll have family and pets appearing unexpectedly on your Zoom calls.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…

Keeping productive and motivated is hard, and the task at hand can seem overwhelming to say the least. What I do is work with you to break it down into manageable chunks and take one step at a time.

Planning to avoid overwhelm

I’m hearing a lot from people using the word, ‘overwhelmed’. Overwhelmed with what’s happening in the world, overwhelmed with managing their workload and family life and expectations of them. They’re overwhelmed with a sudden new way of working. There’s even videocall overwhelm, it’s a different way of communicating but it can be exhausting.

What I say to them is always take a breath and break it down piece by piece. On top of this, look at key factors such as concerns and challenges and put together a sensible plan. I work side-by-side to help people achieve this.

Helping you see the wood for the trees

Take a breath and look at things logically. The veil of overwhelm can be lifted but often people are too close to be able to action that themselves.

One size of approach doesn’t fit all so I decided to offer four options: a 6-week productivity course, a team productivity course, a business strategy workshop and business coaching on strategy and resilience and I’m very happy to say, I have had an overwhelming positive reaction to them. As a business coach, it is my job to assist, guide and unearth what has been in you all along and that’s resilience to get shit done.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss small business coaching plans and support.