Online workshops & coaching plans for small businesses

As a small business, do you need to rethink, refocus and redirect your business? These times call for resilient and flexible businesses which need a different plan to normal – this isn’t business as usual.

Have you reviewed your strategy recently

If you’re a small business owner, have you got plans in place for continuity if you’ve already slimmed down your resources? You might want to consider how to best use your current staffing to address a shift in direction – this could be a great opportunity for them with the right guidance.

I offer one-off business strategy workshops to help small businesses and teams be resilient and stay motivated. Agile business coaching packages for 6-12 weeks are available online to help small businesses too.

Employee wellbeing & productivity

Most businesses are working remotely from home and are juggling family and homeschooling. Teams might need more support than usual to stay focused, using their initiative and more importantly to stay well. Not everyone is used to remote working so this can have a big impact on wellbeing. Can you stay connected to each employee over video whilst still maintaining your own wellbeing? It can be tough so I’m running 90-minute workshops and ongoing support for teams virtually to reduce stress and maintain connection with business leaders and their teams.

Get resilient and make sure your business strategy is agile enough to bounce back in 2021.

We need to work more productively and get sh*t done.