This is something which many people have asked me during this unprecedented change in how we work.  No doubt you’re trying to run a business or work for your employer whilst homeschooling your children and we’re in increasing amounts of isolation due to Covid-19 risks.

There’s no magic answer, but I recommend taking time to plan out your week with your family.  If you all agree to have ‘heads down’ time to focus on work, then also agree to stop for lunch together or cook dinner together at a specific time.

Keeping a routine during this time is a great way to make sure you have both balance and presence.  When you stop to play, then focus on your family and enjoy that time.  Perhaps learn a new skill together whilst you have this time.

Finally, slow down.  Time is something we have now when typically most people have been rushing constantly.  Take stock of what you’ve achieved, what you want to achieve and how to keep a sense of balance when we head back out into the new world in the coming weeks or months.