Are you fearful of change or do you embrace it? Change happens and we can’t do anything about that, however, we can control how we react to it.

Have you read ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Dr Spencer Johnson? It’s a fantastically funny little book about four characters who navigate their way through a maze to find cheese and face change and roadblocks along the way. Cheese is the metaphor in the book that represents what we want to be happy such as a great job, relationship, good health etc and the maze represents the place where you may find them eg, the organisation you work in, your family, your community. The trouble is the cheese keeps moving and we observe our four characters reacting and being impacted in different ways to this.

It takes less than an hour to read but it is so impactful – I highly recommend it.

How do you deal with change?

Change is consistently happening all around us, some we can control and some we really can’t. The huge sea-change on our political landscape has made a lot of people – understandably – feel fearful and uncertain which in turn, leads then to stick and stay put for fear of more upheaval.

Evolution encourages change

The ever-evolving working paradigm has changed so much in the past few years thanks to increased technological developments, the rise of flexible working and the new generational impact. The traditional working ways are now seemingly viewed now as stale and old hat and those that practice them, the same.

Fear of the unknown

For those that cling on to the old and are fearful of welcoming the new, times can be tough. With change comes fear – fear of the unknown and fear of exposure and uncertainty. When we know what we’re doing, when we are comfortable and settled, we feel safe and secure but, as the saying goes, a comfort zone is a nice place to be, but nothing ever grows there.

Embracing change

For those of us who want to grow and evolve, change needs to be welcomed. I work with a number of individuals and teams on change and how to steer the ship through it to ensure it’s a positive experience and one to be learnt and developed from.

In business, change can be feared as people worry about their job security, their position and their shifted perception by others. To have your established role threatened, for example, can lead to people retreating and being negative to change but from my experience, the best transitions always happen when people embrace change and make the most out of it.

Trust the process – even if it’s uncomfortable

Yes, change can be frightening but it can also be exciting and empowering and bring with it opportunity that wasn’t available before. Change happens for a reason and often, in business, change has been considered thoroughly before implementation so it’s worth remembering that and trusting it.

You can’t avoid it, so embrace it and make the most of it.  And if you need a helping hand navigating through it, do get in touch.